Siemens C35i service menu
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Best informations about postlegendary x45 are on site
of Ivos C. a Honza K., thanks to both authors.

up  Monitor menu

Two special "phone numbers" can to be generated individually for each concrete SIM card from its IMSI by special algorithm at request in Siemens AG ordinarily. If you don't want bother Siemens AG, you can try faster and easier way:

Download activation freeware from author's page - thanks to authors Greenstone & DarkBear.
If link above not works, you can download local copy.

If one from both generated numbers exists (with arbitrarily name) on last position of SIM card Phonebook (SM) during mobile switching-on, then Monitor menu can to be displayed from main level of standard menu pressing [*] or [#] .

One number enables limited level 2 of Monitor menu (gray background on schema) with two fixed items only:

Second number enables advanced level 1 of Monitor menu with one fixed item Configuration and 6 other items, which can to be enabled/disabled using Configuration menu.

up  Configuration menu

Folowing items toggles items into/out from Monitor menu:

Following items toggles mode/functions on/off

Following item is best

Idle mode (1/2)

CH Frequency Channel Number *) RX RXLEV Reception Level [dBm]

CI Cell Identity (hex)
C1 Path-loss Criterion xx Technological type SIM? (here 93)

LAI Location Area Identity
   MCC Mobile Country Code (here 23F4 = 324)
   MNC Mobile Network Code (here 05 = 50)
   LAC Location Area Code (here 0538)

TXPWR Allowed Transmit Power [dBm]
RXAM Reception Accetable Minimal Level [dBm]

C2 Cell-reselection Criterion
BSPA BSPA multiframe is feature of the network. Describes, how often the mobile must switch on the receiver. The range is between 2 and 9. The most networks use multiframe=6. A lower figure indicates more power consumption.
BA BCCH Allocation

P0, P1, P2, P3 Paging
Idle mode (2/2)

CH Frequency Channel Number *)
RL RXLEV Reception Level [dBm]
C1 Path-loss Criterion
C2 Cell-reselection Criterion
N NCC National Color Code (0 - 7)
B BCC Base Station Color Code (0-7)

S Current cell
1 - 6 Six strongest neighbour cells
Dedicated mode (1/2)

Frequency Channel Number *) (Talk channel, 000 = Hopping)
TS Time Slot (Channel is divided into 8 slots)
TA Timing Advance (1 unit = cca 3,66µs = cca 547 m)
PL Power Level for transmission from mobile to BTS [PL]

RX  Reception Level (Talk channel) [dBm]
CI Cell Identity (hex)
S Synchronisation Burst

CO Frequency Channel Number *) (Control channel)
RX Reception Level (Control channel) [dBm]
F2 Coding algorithm (H1=HR, F1=FR, F2=EFR)

LF The C1 value using full transmission from BTS
LS The C1 value using discontinous transmission from BTS
QF Quality of link during full transmission from BTS [% bit error rate]
QS Quality of link during discontinuous transmission from BTS [% bit error rate]

LAI Location Area Identity
   MCC Mobile Country Code (here 23F4 = 324)
   MNC Mobile Network Code (here 05 = 50)
   LAC Location Area Code (here 0538)

P0, P1, P2, P3 Paging
Dedicated mode (2/2)

CH Frequency Channel Number *
RXL RXLEV Reception Level [dBm]
NCC National Color Code (0-7)
BCC Base Station Color Code (0-7)

S Current cell
1 - 6 Six strongest neighbour cells
IrDA monitor

Not tested by me, because I'm using legendary C35i only.
Audiomonitor (1/2)

Not sure.
(Device freezes or shutdowns in dedicated mode)
Audiomonitor (2/2)

Not sure
(Decadic digits are accepted, range of values not tested)

Firmvare modules info.
History (counters)

27 event counters, plus SExit info.
Resetable by user.

Handover failures count, ect.

Last unexpected shutdown info. Examples:
after <Delete>
(S)Exit: FFFF
after "Stopwatch Save Entry" shutdown-bug:
(S)Exit: FF00
PSW: 08 PID: 61
after "Audiomonitor in dedicated mode" shutdown
(S)Exit: 55B0
PSW: 58 PID: 61

Connected device info
Headset, data cable, car kits, charger (lader) ... ect.

VB Voltage of Battery xxxx [mV]
CT Charger
   0 = not connected
   1 = connected (pin 1-2 shorted = car)
   2 = connected (pin 1-2 isolated = standard)
TB Temperature of Battery xx,x [°C] (valid for NiMH only)
LS Lading Status
   4, 5=charged
AT Accumulator Type (1 for NiMh, 3 Li-Ion)
TE Temperature of Environment near VCXO xx,x [°C]
SB Current charge (001, 085, 100, >140 call) [mA]
LT Lading Timer incremented each 5-seconds
RW some ramp?
UMAX 0000-4380 for NiMH, 4200 for Li-Ion [mV]
mA Current from battery [mA]
AS Voltage for message "Battery empty! Please recharge" and automatic shutdown. Value is computed from current voltage and consumption (not constant).
PL Power Level for transmission from mobile to BTS [PL]

Proportional font is used, but lines aren't terminated with CR (0x0D) characters. This is why text overflows from line to line in dependency on current values.
SAT Commands

SIM Application Toolkit Commands list.
You can test it in many ways, examples:

*) Note: Channel numbers DCS1800 are displayed lower - constant 337 is substracted (?)

Bit error rate conversion
  QS/QF     0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Errors [%]     0,2   0,4   0,8   1,6   3,2   6,4   12,8   25,6  

Power level conversion
  PL    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  GSM900 [dBm]    43 41 39 37 35 33 31 29 27 25
[Watt]    20,00   12,60   8,00   5,00   3,20   2,00   1,30   0,80   0,50   0,32  
  DCS1800 [dBm]    30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12
[mW]    1000   631   398   251   158   100   63   40   25   16  
  PL    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  GSM900 [dBm]    23 21 19 17 15 13 11 9 7 5
[Watt]    0,20   0,13   0,08   0,05   0,03   0,02   0,013  0,008  0,005  0,0032 
  DCS1800 [dBm]    10 8 6 4 2 0
[mW]    10   6,3   4   2,5   1,6   1  




this is attempt to identify fields only without detailed description, 
excelence description you can read in Nobbi's glossary

heartfelt thanks especially to

 DarkBear & Greenstone

 Unlock,  Sergey[Power User],  Anthony, Mikhail Medvedev,  SAM I SAM,
 Siemens AG MMI-team Kamp-Lintfort (please - help us!),
GSM Net Monitor - Byelorussian
 Norbert "Nobbi" Hüttisch,  Anders Liljeberg,  Jiri Sanek,  Zdenìk Sadila,  Ivo Cilich,  Michal "kufor" Plandor,  Frank Rehse,  M@gic,  Werner Rahm  and you all 

if you give us Service menu manual by Siemens AG
you can download for free my skin for old good WinAmp2.xx

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