... for example "device:mt" -
is displaying memory text
"For Mike Tyler, 1962-1997".
Maybe you can call it Easter-egg.

[Ludek, discussion on Pandora]


By Ludek, one investigative user:
You can try enter some internal URL in your WAP browser.
Hundred of similar internal addresses exists in UP.browser:

  • device:mt
  • device:key-exch
  • device:outbox
  • device:outbox/almost
  • device:outbox/full
  • device:channels
  • device:status?x=s
  • internal:home-edit
  • internal:register
  • internal:register-s
  • internal:security
  • internal:insecure
  • internal:suck-url
  • internal:help

Really - every item in menu and every browser message has it's internal URL. You can test it with @Menu/Navigation/Show URL item. This is, why browser menu acts like html pages (stored to history). You can try it on other phones with UP.browser - Siemens, Motorola, Alcatel (tested on  OT501).

Programmer's joke

But following bug of FW1804 isn't Easter-egg. Try select on C35i other language than english, for example cestina. After this switch phone off and on again. Then activate intentionally not filled wap-profile. You must see something like this:

Now select like language English and go to Internet. In main menu text of item [1 Home] is missing, right dialog key has permanently assigned function @Menu and isn't impossible switch it to function Menu or OK. So you can go to @Menu only, but in this menu are some next items missing also.

For correction you must switch off and on all the phone.